Woody is Head Chef and responsible for the development and delivery of the food and drink offering at LEVELSIX. He continuously creates new and exciting menus.

Born and raised in Peckham, Woody attended Dog Kennel Hill Primary School and Bacon’s College. His love for creating beautiful food began whilst at university studying mathematics and philosophy. Woody has spent the past six years working with food. He set up a small business selling healthy sweet treats in a not-for-profit deli in Sheffield and was apprenticed to  Amsterdam’s premier delicatessen. He also trained with Moxons Fishmongers on Lordship Lane and Burro e Salvia, East Dulwich. More recently he worked for a year as a chef/Head Chef at Peckham Bazaar.    

Woody’s passion lies in working with fresh, seasonal British ingredients. He has an allotment in which he grows the food he then cooks. He is committed to ensuring his food is local, seasonal and nutritious. He hosts fermentation workshops and Supper Clubs and caters for Yoga retreats and a wide range of other eventsV

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