Yoga is a practice of self enquiry, connection and freedom which I bring to my classes.  

I’m often asked how I came to be a yoga instructor… I first discovered hot yoga several years ago, both this invigorating practice and having studied yoga and movement during training to be an actor at drama school gave me a connection to mind and body that felt so good I wanted to feel it again and again.  

I have studied with numerous teachers including Norman Blair, Claire Missingham (UK), Sianna Sherman and Jason Crandell (US). I love their clear and concise approach to yoga. Their methods are intelligent, accessible and ever curious about the body and esoteric systems. At present, I am learning more about the Jivamukti yoga method because I find it an all encompassing method of yoga. The class follows of vinyasa-ashtanga style movement sequence, meanwhile elements of breath work, philosophy, spirituality, meditation and chanting all play a role in a Jivamukti class. 

When I lead a class, I like to offer a fun, accessible and enjoyable experience. I am passionate about vinyasa flow and restorative yoga and want everyone to enjoy it as much as I do, so when you come you come to one of my classes you’ll see I offer lots of modifications. 

So where can you find me? I mainly teach at LEVELSIX, a community studio in Peckham that I co-founded in January 2018 with the intention of creating a space that brings together many different teachers to offer all kinds of yoga. 

However I also teach private classes in London, either one to one or a small group, which is a great way to focus on a particular pose you might want to improve on or to simply have a more personal class. 

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You can also follow me on Instagram @heywillwheeler to see what I do for my own yoga and wellbeing practice and to find out more about my classes.