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Curiosity about the ancient mystical traditions and development of the physical practice activated Mischa’s journey as a refuge from the busy nature of life.

She draws inspiration from nature, the seasons, the moon cycles and natural rhythms. She follows the festivals of the Yoga and Hindu year and the Celtic wheel of the year, all holding beautiful teachings to bring us into a deeper relationship with ourselves, each other and the earth.

Her understanding comes from a number of styles and traditions. She teaches a heartfelt practice, particularly inspired by the philosophy and practices of the Tantric lineage, with creative sequencing, a deep focus on breath and alignment and a combination of strong steady flow and longer holds to both uplift and tap into the stillness. Longer classes may be woven with philosophy, myth and stories and include music, chanting, pranayama and meditation.  


Open level classes are aimed at all levels of student with a curious and willing mind and heart.