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Matt was on a two week retreat in Goa with David Swenson when he decided to spend his life passing on yoga to others. He enrolled on a 2-year teacher training programme in London with Mimi Kuo-Deemer and Jean Hall.

He continues to inspire his passion for both practising and teaching yoga by attending classes, workshops and teacher trainings in the UK and abroad with some of the world's leading teachers.

Having developed his own practice primarily within the Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow schools of yoga, Matt teaches a slow-flow style of yoga that is guided by the relationship between breath and movement and that takes inspiration from many sources, including mindfulness, Tai Chi and Qigong. By combining slow-flowing sequences with fun, playful elements and introspective enquiry, his classes encourage students to connect with their bodies and cultivate a greater awareness of their present moment experience. 


Vinyasa Flow: 10.00am Vinyasa Flow is a continuous sequence of postures with an emphasis on the synchronisation of motion and breath. Though style, pace and intensity may vary, the practice always encourages meditation through movement. This class is designed for both those who are still relatively new to yoga and those with experience.

Mindful Flow: 12.00pm Based on the style and structure of Vinyasa Flow, this class is designed to synchronise the breath with the movement of the body. Reducing the pace of transitions between poses, this slower-flow class allows for a more meditative and centering effect and is particularly suitable for students newer to yoga.

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