Lisa is an expert on effective pain relief and prides herself on helping clients get freedom from whatever ails them, be it RSI, headaches, upper and lower back pain or stress from everyday life. She loves to facilitate a space to totally unwind, restore and switch off from a busy life style. Lisa believes in the power of massage and how it can offer an incredible inner journey to reconnect body and mind. Lisa has completed the 3 year comprehensive training for Advanced Sports and Clinical Massage Therapy, BTEC-6 at Jing Advanced Massage Training, where she is currently a teacher. Jing offer the highest standard of massage training in the country. She also offers massage at Day Centres for the elderly, offices and retreats.

What’s it good for?

During a treatment Lisa listens closely to her clients’ needs and combines various techniques following a holistic approach. Expect a beautiful blend of table shiatsu, myofascial release, advanced stretching, trigger point therapy, Swedish techniques and structural integration, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and supple, whilst the root of the issue in the tissue has been thoroughly addressed. Lisa also offers pregnancy and postnatal treatments. As an urban yogini, Lisa offers practical self-help exercises after each treatment to help clients maintain a healthy body.

How much does it cost?

First visit £65 for 75 min. Follow-ups £60 for 60 min. 90 min £85