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Kwali began her Kundalini teacher training at Karam Kriya with Shiv Charan Singh and Satya Kaur in 2006, and is now at the start of her journey to become a trainer of teachers.

‘In an age where total spiritual fitness is required in order to survive, we have fortunately been blessed with the appropriate tools for transformation. Kundalini Yoga is an all-encompassing solution and cure for the human spirit.  The practice of the physical kriyas and meditations imbues the body with healing, stamina, endurance, motivation, clarity, direction, values, freedom from addictions and mental and physical ailments.

Not confined to any type of person, Kundalini is available and accessible to all, beginners or advanced, young or old, fit or fatigued; there is something for everyone in this ancient secret.


Kwali Teaches: Kundalini