Integrative CBT includes various methods of therapy evidenced to complement and enhance the CBT process, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy. The benefit of this integrative approach is that treatment can be formulated to meet your individual needs. It is a brief form of therapy, usually effective within 6 to 16 sessions. It involves identifying the core beliefs that keep you stuck in a cycle of painful emotional responses and maladaptive behaviour and transforming them to beliefs that are healthier and ultimately more helpful, resulting in long lasting change. This isn't about thinking positively to make the world magically transform to suit you. It's about reconnecting you with your core values and the things that really matter to you; the things that enable you to flourish in your life. Challenges, loss and failure are all a part of the human experience. So is happiness! If you're missing the happiness part, it may be time to make a change.

What’s it good for?

Although nobody's life can be organised into neat categories of problems, there are often strong overarching and life limiting themes present in our daily lives. Integrative CBT is evidenced to be highly effective when working with a wide range of life limiting issues including, anxiety (including generalised anxiety, social anxiety and performance and work anxiety), depression, low self worth, body image, relationship conflict, parenting issues, bereavement, post traumatic stress disorder, addictions and phobias.

Who practices this?

Bronwyn Silva