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Real Yoga, Real Life Workshop: Creating purpose for challenges with Lizaan Joubert

The intention of this workshop is to create yoga awareness and creativity around challenges you face in your daily life.

Lizaan Joubert will share philosophy and teachings on how to use your yoga practice to support real life. During the workshop Lizaan will teach you foundational breath work, Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) variations and offer tools and insights on building into headstands and crow pose. The second part will include drawing creative maps on your own subtle body and spine to gain awareness of the seven chakras, the energy centres in our body that are balanced during asana.

Come along and enjoy a day of spine stories and headstand wisdom!

This workshop is open to all levels.

Price: £25

If you wish to book for a friend, please contact us.   It is only possible to reserve one space under your own name - everybody needs an account and to sign our online waiver.