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Exploring Transitions with Samuel Nwokeka

You know when you have 5 breaths to try something new in a class environment with lots of people around? Sometimes it’s not the greatest place to learn certain things.

Especially when it comes to certain yoga transitions, there is an art, a technique a way of making them seamless (other than just try try try). This workshop will share techniques and drills to unlock some of those transitions that you have always wanted to master.

Join Samuel for this 2.5 hour workshop where you will be learning how to perfect some transitions, from those that might seem simple like how to float back into Chaturanga, Astavakrasana to Koundinyasana, Bakasana to Chaturanga, Bakasana to tripod headstand, camel to wheel and others.

Together with Samuel, you will explore how everyone being unique impacts certain elements of transitions, why you may just never be able to achieve certain things in yoga, and how we can learn to accept this.

Come and join Samuel in a fun and safe environment to practice and explore.Don’t worry if you have not mastered some of the postures themselves, Samuel will give you drills and techniques on not just the transitions but the postures too.

Expect some surprises and some variations and exciting transitions you may not have seen before.

Price: £30

If you wish to book for a friend, please contact us.   It is only possible to reserve one space under your own name - everybody needs an account and to sign our online waiver.

Earlier Event: November 1
Later Event: November 5