Dyl played competitive rugby for most of his lift, until the injuries piled up. To satisfy his competitive needs, he turned to personal training, Crossfit and power lifting. 

In 2016, he tried yoga to help with injuries.  Almost instantly, he fell in love with the entire practice and process, and then head over heels with teaching yoga to others. Leading a class of students and sharing in their practice is the most rewarding part of his week.  His greatest interest lies in anatomy and how different flows and postures can help create a healthier body, which in turn leads to a happier life.

Currently, he spends his time training for fitness challenges around the world, from triathlons, Crossfit competitions to the 2018 Yoga Sport World Championships later this year.  The journey, not the arrival, is what matters.


Dyl believes in listening to the body as you flow, learning to identify your own personal weaknesses, so that you can turn them into strengths. He teaches a simple performance based class, with deep stretches held for long periods, to create permanent change in the body.

Tags: Yoga for Sports