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David began practising yoga back home in Malaysia with his mother. As time has gone by, his practice has changed, influenced deeply by experiences in his personal life and rooted in both dance and architecture.

David’s Matless Yoga class is a poetic invitation to lead a new path of enquiry through the multidimensional possibilities of movement. This class is set to immersive music and is suitable for experienced movers ready to explore less familiar.

Learn to move from a place of freedom and integrity with David and share his warmth and sincerity in this new, evolving practice.


This creative class is designed for open-minded movers ready to explore the unfamiliar, exploring asana beyond their blueprints of alignment and movement beyond the confines of a mat. Set to immersive music, we will enquire into the infinite potential of the body through our desired scales of expression, ultimately moving from a place of freedom and integrity.

Tags: Candlelit Vinyasa Flow