Anna Robertson is a certified Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing teacher who lives in Peckham Rye with her son Moses. She was really fearful of giving birth to her son in 2016 and absolutely credits hypnobirthing with enabling her to release her fear and limiting beliefs and go on to have a wonderful life affirming experience.

Anna is a warm and empathic teacher who is on a mission to empower women and their partners to make informed choices and use these powerful transformational tools to have a happy and relaxed pregnancy. And the goal is to have a positive birth experience whatever kind of birth you have. Because all birth is amazing.

What treatments?


How much does it cost?

  • £250 for the Essential Hypnobirthing course (4 hours in total - 1 daytime weekend session or 2 evening sessions)
  • £525 for the Complete Hypnobirthing course (8 hours in total - 2 daytime weekend sessions or 4 evening sessions)

How do I book?

hello@annjrobertson.com or 07787118931