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“Yoga practice can give you a break from defining yourself.  Practise yoga, lose the descriptions, just be”.

A practitioner for over 15 years, Alison completed her Restorative Yoga teacher training at Triyoga with Anna Ashby and Chris Swain in 2013.

Alison will hold the space for all who attend, so that each student can experience the benefit of their individual restorative practice within the quiet energy of the group.


Restorative Yoga class: Less is most definitely more! A few choice poses, completely supported by props, allowing for deep rest and relaxation and a gradual release of all effort.

“A wonderful practice when you're feeling depleted of energy or when you're feeling hyped up or stressed, or simply as a counterpoint to more vigorous asana practices. Through the restorative practice we can simply become more aware of how we are feeling. However, the practice also encourages a shift of the nervous system from 'flight or fight' mode to 'rest and digest' mode: we may experience this as feeling more grounded and centred, more rested and relaxed and at ease. A good night's sleep is most definitely on the cards”.

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